Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Horse Riding With the Cutlers

One day this summer Drew and Lisa invited us to go horse riding with them up in Newdale. It has probably been 20 years since I have been on a horse. As always I am a big chicken and had to have alot of instruction. Drew and Barry both did a great job of assuring me that I would not die but I was still nervous - pretty sure the horse picked up on this. It was fun though and we super enjoyed it. I love this picture of Lisa in the barn listening to Drew explain to me how to stay on a horse. They have become some great friends to us and we have missed doing things with them the past few weeks while life has been crazy. Maybe we will get together again soon.

Heber Valley Camp

After we had camped at Pack Saddle Lake for 5 days we headed home Thursday evening for showers and laundry and then headed out Friday morning for Heber Valley Camp to Visit Elder and Sister Brown aka Grandma and Grandpa! We spend a few days learning what it would be like to be a young women attending girls camp at Heber Valley. We played in the canoes and paddle boats on the lake and hiked all over the mountain. It is one of the prettiest places I have ever been. We spent some time on one of the challenge courses - which was scary but lots of fun. Ok so it was scary for some of us and just plain fun for others. For those of you who know what a chicken I am - I get it from my mom who is even a bigger chicken then me! She did the challenge though - it was awesome to see her overcome her fear and have fun - ok maybe not- but still she did it and I think she enjoyed herself a little. We ate lots and lots of food - I think we each brought enough to feed and army. It was great to hang out and visit and relax and hang out with family. Barry and I each took a week off work for our campout and to visit with family - it was soo sooo much fun. I loved it. My parents are finally coming home this weekend. Their six month mission turned into eighteen months - we have missed them terribly but know they were doing a great thing. Thanks for a great time!
We had Tyree and Matthew with us for a few weeks again this summer and that was loads of fun. We sure hope they come back next year. Perhaps we can get Trevin this time too! Thanks for coming to visit you guys!

Barry's Annual Campout at Pack Saddle Lake

Every year Barry spends a week at Pack Saddle Lake with the kids. Due to school stress this was the first year I have been able to join him. The only draw back was half our kids had just left for Texas but it was really fun. Despite how it looks these were not all taken the same day - I just wore the same jacket everyday! Yes we went in July and yes that is snow in some of the pictures - yes we do live in Idaho! We had tons of fun and I am already excited for next year - hopefully all our kids will be there - I tried riding the dirt bike again and as you can tell from my face I was scared to death! I thought that little ol'creek would be the death of me.

The bigger boys (Stetson and Justin) told the littler kids that they would pay them $20 if they could get to the end of this log. They all made a good effort at it and in my opinion Justin and Stetson should owe them all $20 but I am sure noone will ever see it.

Our good friends the Cutlers joined us one evening for dinner - that was lots of fun. Us girls cooked chicken noodle soup with garlic toast and the boys fished. Bryce and Sherry along with Brooke and Addy joined us that night also but somehow we don't have any pics of that event.
I was a little nervous at first when we saw bear tracks and bear poop on our way down the trail but we never did see any other signs of bear. The kids thought it would have been exciting to at least see one but they were dissappointed in this desire - not me!

We really did have a great time. We hiked, and rode ATV's, played in the sun, and the snow!, I read and relaxed - I think I read 5 books in the 5 days that we camped. So fun!! We have such great kids they all helped set up and break down camp - we sure love you guys!
Sorry this is such a long post but I had so many pics - this isn't even half but there you go. Enjoy!