Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Loads of Fun At Heber Valley Camp

My parents have been serving a mission since April of 2008. They were called as service missionaries to the Hber Valley Youth Camp in Heber City Utah. It has been an amazing experience for them. The camp is for the Young Women of the church although on weekends and in the winter scouts and families use it also. At this point it can support about 3000 campers and when it is done it will be able to support around 5000. The camp is beautiful in all seasons. I was able to visit for the afternoon this summer and all of us (except Justin) visited this past weekend. It was so much fun. Although we were told that lots of the snow had melted there was still plenty and we did a lot of sledding. It was super great to see my parents and spend some time with them. Other then sledding we also played card games, ate, and even just sat around and talked. We didn't have alot of time there, we left after work on Friday and arrived just after midnight. We played all day Saturday. Went to church on Sunday and got home after midnight on Sunday. We hope to go again sometime this summer and enjoy the camp when you can see lots and lots of wildlife. Here are a few pics from our adventures.<

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