Monday, September 27, 2010

Shapin' Up

Last Tuesday my sisters and I started walking together. We've decided to make it more like an informal biggest loser thing only we aren't competing to lose weight. We will be meeting 5-6 days a week to work on getting in shape together. We meet at 5am and do some sort of cardio workout. Here's our tentative schedule -
  • Monday – Meet at Becky's – Workout video plus at least 1 mile walk

  • Tuesday – Meet at Karin's – Walk the bike path – goal – 3 miles each way

  • Wednesday – Meet at BYU-I stadium - 2 Miles around track - plus walk the stairs

  • Thursday - Back at Becky's

  • Friday – Meet at Bonnie's for walking

  • Saturday – Meet at Dr. Larsen's for 4-6 mile walk

    Today we met at Becky's and measured so that we could keep track of the inches that we hope to lose. We also agreed to keep a food journal so that we can see what we are eating and what is keeping us from meeting our goals. We will remeasure again in one month to see how we are each doing. Here are my measurements - (don't laugh at my scrawny arms - I'm working on that!)

    • Chest – 32

    • R Arm – 9 1/2

    • L Arm – 9 ¼

    • Waist – 30 1/2

    • Hips - 36 ½

    • R Hip – 19

    • L Hip – 19 ½

    • 116 lbs

    • 19.1% Body Fat

      Each of us has different goals that we are working to attain. My goal is not to lose weight necessarily but to get in shape and build and tone muscle. I am excited about feeling better about myself and the way I look. Since February I have been able to maintain a weight loss of 10 lbs and I have noticed that when I work out on a regular basis that I feel better emotionally and spiritually as well as physically.

      For Enrichment my ward is doing a Relief Society University. We have a list of goals to chose from - including physical fitness, family, spirituality, etc. We are supposed to chose between 3-9 goals in each area in order to earn between a bachelor's and doctorate degree. I am excited about all the areas and looking forward to learning about myself and improving how I feel. The last few months I have been struggling emotionally and really feel like these goals are going to help me overcome that. I have already noticed a big difference since I have been working out this past week. I have also really enjoyed spending time with the other girls. I haven't ever walked with or worked out with a group before and it has been really fun to hang out with the girls. They really help me to push past what I would ever do by myself. Posting this blog will help keep me motivated too I think. So here I go this is really my first real and serious attempt at getting in shape. I have always been able to eat pretty much whatever I want but the last few years that is catching up to me. I have also recently learned that I am moderately insulin resistant so I know I need to watch my sugars and lose belly fat. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cassidy's Surgery

Just a quick update on my Cassidy. She and I drove down to Primary Children's on Monday. And I just have to note that for the first time I did not get lost trying to get back on the Highway - anyone who knows my sense of direction knows that this is an accomplishment! The real news for this post however is that they have decided to schedule the surgery. (for those that don't know Cassidy has a common chest deformity - well two actually - Pectus Excavatum and Pectus Carinatum) We have known that this was coming for probably 5 or 6 years. I however kept hoping that they would say that they had discovered a new non-invasive pain-free treatment. Well that didn't happen! When we went for her check up about 1 1/2 years ago Dr. Meyers said she wanted to see Cass back when she had a growth spurt and then talk about scheduling. A couple weeks ago Cass was visiting me at work along with several other kids and Barry. Barry was busy weighing and measuring the kids just for fun and he let me know that Cassidy had grown 2 1/2 inches since January. I called Primary's and they said that is considered a growth spurt and that we should bring her back. Dr. Meyers only sees patients two Mondays a month so we had a short wait but Monday the 20th was her day.
I get nervous about traffic and being late so we left early and got there almost 2 hours early only to discover that the Dr. was running late anyway so we still waited for forever to see her. It was kind of funny actually because we went up to her office and let her know we were there - early. We asked if we should find something to do of if we could possibly be seen before our 11:40 appointment. Since it was only about 10 they were like of course we'll see her before then but the Dr. has been in surgery and is running about an hour and 45 minutes behind. The lady behind me pips up and says "but is she running late for all the appointments this morning?" The receptionist looked from me to the lady and back again and says, "well since she is in surgery then yes". I guess the other was just hoping I was disliked or something. We ended up seeing her about 12:30! But we went down and had lunch and stuff and time went a little faster then it could have. Next time we will be sure and bring a book to read!
Any way Dr. Meyers looked at Cass and showed us the pictures from last time. I have been able to see her chest growing deeper but I was surprised to see how much worse it looked then lst time. She explained that since Cass has the most rare form of the defect and that actual bone is involved and not just cartilage that she really needs to have it corrected. She said she wanted it done this year. I was like - oh so sometime before next September? and She just looked at me and said "um, THIS year". I was like oh 2010! So since Cass has 2 weeks off from school in December and my doctor will be gone the 1-9 making it easy for me to be out of the office - the surgery will be the first week of December. We won't know the day until of October and the exact time not until the night before - WOW. They anticipate about 4 hours of surgery and then about 1 week hospital stay. She cannot go to school for at least 2 weeks after that - they said the first 2 months are pretty difficult but then we should see improvement. She will be on activity restriction for 6 months due to the idea that if she is falls on or is hit on the chest her ribs will penetrate her hear or lungs - um that doesn't sound great. So as scary as it is it will be good in the end. Keep her in your prayers come December - she will need all that she can get - (and her mom too!). We'll let you know changes as we get them.