Friday, January 28, 2011

Gratitude Day 4

Today I am grateful for a car that runs. I have had times in my life when my vehicle was less then reliable. These days I am blessed with running cars and a spouse who keeps them that way. Last year I drove our little toyota that doesn't have much heat to speak of - not fun. This year I get to drive the nice car and I love the heat that flows from the dash. With my upcoming trip to SLC with Cass it will be nice to have a car that functions well and has a nice radio. Glad I am not driving a horse and buggy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gratitude Day 3

Today I am grateful for prayer. I have had many many prayers answered my life time. Not all the answers I thought I wanted at the time but over time I have discovered that my Father in Heaven truly does know what is best for me. I have to admit that there have been times (and I'm certain there are still more to come) when I thought that what I was experiencing was more perhaps then even my Father in Heaven could handle - how wrong I was. I am constantly amazed at what my God thinks I can handle. The thing that is most amazing is how much help He gives me when I ask. Its not always the help I expect or that I want but eventually it always comes. I have been struggling for the past year with some emotional/spiritual things that have caused me to seclude myself from most of my friends and even family. I have realized recently that this is probably not my best mode of action and am trying to rectify it but that seems to be a work in progress. I have been amazed in the last few weeks as I have more throughly gone about turning things over to the Lord and pouring my heart out in prayer that things are getting better. I have difficult days still but it is getting better and I am so grateful for a Father in Heaven who listens to his daughter.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gratitude Day 2

Today I am grateful for my job. Now I would like to say right up front that I wish I didn't have to work or that I could work shorter days so that I could be home with my kids - but with that said I love my job. I have wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember but for years I did not think I was capable of not only the schooling but the job in and of itself. School was an amazing, scary, overwhelming, wonderful, difficult, stressful, fantastic, etc......time for me. I loved it, hated it, couldn't wait for it to be over, and then it was and I had to find a job! I had always thought I would work in OB delivering babies but Barry and I agreed that 12 hour shift did not work with our schedule. We also realized that if I was working nights, weekends, and holidays that I wouldn't get much time to bond with his children. I was so blessed to find the job that I have. Yes it pays less then hospital nurses but it really couldn't be more perfect for our family. I count it a blessing everyday to work where I do. The benefits to my family are amazing and my job is almost no stress - most days I would say it was the least stressful part of my life. I love the people I work with they are like my 2nd family and my boss is amazing. So like I said whereas I wish I could be home more with the kids - I am grateful for the job I have.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gratitude Journal Day 1

I have a goal for our Relief Society University to record 30 days of gratitude - so this is day one -
Today I am grateful for my family. The family I was raised in, my extended family, my work family, and especially my own husband and the family that we are raising now. Whereas Barry and I's family situation is not unique there are some unique aspects to it and I am constantly surprised by our children and certain aspects of raising a combined family. I am so grateful to have Barry in my life. My children love him and I love him. We have great children. Heres a quick rundown of them for those of you who get behind.
Stetson - 17 - Stetson is a junior at Sugar and enjoys wrestling. I am looking forward to state again this year. Last night he was so sweet with Emma (his little sister w/ his mom) while we were ice skating for family home evening and as soon as he sends me the pictures he took on his phone I will post a few of those.
Justin - 15 - Justin is a Freshman at Bonneville and also enjoys wrestling. It is fun to go see him wrestle and we are also looking forward to state with him. It will be interesting to keep up with both of them and cheer for two schools but thats the way we roll! We don't get to see Justin as often as we would like but enjoy it when we do.
Cassidy - 13 - Cass is in the 7th grade and Jr. High here in Sugar. She had major surgery in December and I can't believe how well she is recovering. It really is a miracle how well she is doing. It has hardly slowed her down. We go back in a week or so for follow up and then she has her eye surgery in April. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up.
Hayden - 12 - Hayden is also here in Sugar 6th grade and just turned 12 in November. It is awesome to watch him pass the Sacrament and know that he holds a small portion of God's power. I have really enjoyed having him in our home and find myself enjoying doing homework with him. The top bunk in his room is like a memorial to all the things he has built with his kenex - he is pretty talented.
Ammon - 11 - Ammon is living in Texas with his dad and is in the 5th grade. I have missed him so much and am looking forward to the summer when we plan on having him back. We got to have him for a week at Christmas and that was pretty fantastic. He is doing well in school and enjoying spending some time with his dad. I miss you buddy!
Treyton - 11 - Treyton is also in the 5th grade but he is attending Ucon Elementary. It was fun when we get them for the weekend and see the difference in the boys personalities. There is less then a year between the three of them and I think we could be in for an interesting time when they are all teenagers.
Rachel - 9 - Rachel is in 3rd grade and she really enjoys school this year. I have seen alot of growing emotionally in Rachel this past year and it makes me a little sad that she isn't my little tiny girl anymore. She is a great big sister and takes good care of Kerri - they like to walk home from school occasionally and she enjoys knowing she is "in charge" of Kerri. She has always had an extra portion of love for all animals and has been known recently to make a "house" complete with food in order to save the mouse we were all trying to exterminate from our home recently. She really is a sweetheart.
Savannah - 8 - Savannah is also in 3rd grade in Ucon. I think one of her biggest frustrations in life is being younger the Rachel even if it is only by a few months. Savannah is really enjoying dance this year and I am excited to go see her - Barry has been to her performance but often we have to divide and conquer and I am excited for my turn to see her it is something she really has a natural talent for and you can see how much fun she is having.
Kerri - 6 - and certainly not least but last of all is Kerri. She is in kindergarten this year and doing really well. It was a difficult choice for me to have her repeat kindergarten this year but I can tell that it was the best choice. She loves learning this year and it is fun to have her read to me from the little books they send home. Kerri is my baby and I probably treat her more so then I should but she is growing up despite me. She and Rachel got a DS for Christmas and it has been hilarious to watch her concentration as she plays - love it.
Barry and I - this has been kind of a crazy year for Barry and I but I don't think it will be the last one. I think like just gets crazier as our kids grow up and have more activities. I have really enjoyed having him home more this winter as he isn't working up at Kelly's - I know the kids have missed going but I think the sacrifice has been worth the time - especially with him being able to go to wrestling tournaments and things like that. I am grateful everyday to have him for my husband and will post more about that when he is my gratitude for the day. I am grateful for my family - on all sides and also know I can never repay or be grateful enough for all that is done for us. We are indeed blessed in the area of family and we know it - we love you all.