Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Been A While....

So it's been a very long time since I posted anything and since I am doing this one from work you'll have to wait for pics but there will be some coming......eventually.
Let me see if I can do a quick run down on each of the kids -

Stetson -
Stetson took 3rd at District and 4th at State Wrestling. I had never been to state before and it was really fun to watch. He wrestled hard and "tough" as Barry would say and although it was anxiety provoking to watch and not be able to help I totally enjoyed it. Bryce was an awesome support for Stetson during wrestling and it was almost as much fun to watch him and Barry as it was to watch the wrestling match. He also took 1st at the first free-style tournament and 4th at the big one in Pocatello last weekend. Stetson is also just a few months away from being 16 and that means we will be experiencing dating life through the eyes of a teenager for the first time - that should be interesting - I'll keep you posted on that.

Justin -
Justin has been living with us for the past week. He is here for the last semester of school which hopefully should make his summer here more fun. There really has been zero transition with this change - he has been so easy to live with. Justin is also doing free-style and is pretty awesome at it. Justin took 1st twice at his first tournament and I think 4th at the big Rumble in Pocatello this past weekend. I have heard from several people that the girls at school think Justin is "cute" - so thats should be fun for him.

Cassidy -
Cass turned 12 in December and so has entered into the realm of youngwomanhood. She got to do baptisms for the dead for the first time the other night and really enjoyed that. It has been fun to see her growing up and wanting to experience things like that. My mom was one of my best friends when i was growing up and the one I always wanted to talk to - I hope its the same for Cass and I. Cass is getting ready to graduate from the DARE program and she scary enough she will be in Jr. High next year - where does time go?

Hayden -
Hayden is going to be 12 later this year and so he got to go to the priesthood preview with Barry. It is exciting to think about having another priesthood holder in our family - I was not prepared for the amount of pride I have when I watch the boys pass the sacrament. For the past little while Hayden has had what I consider "surfer-boy" hair. Its fun to see thier different personslities and what they think is "cool". Hayden has officially decided he doesn't enjoy wrestling so it will be intesting to see what his nitch is. I must say he is pretty pro at a rubix cube which is something I have never been able to figure out. You can request any color or combo of colors on any given side and within seconds he will have it.

Ammon -
Ammon is once more back into wrestling this year with free-style. His goal is to stay in long enough to get new shoes! He seems to be enjoying it more this year and has done well in his first couple of matches. This week Ammon was invited over to his friends house to help get rid of a mice infestation in the back yard. Imagine his excitment when he was told to bring a BB gun to get rid of them with - oh yeah- the most fun he's had in a while. He is most definetly all boy! And what is it with these boys and long hair? Ammon's hair now covers his ears and is pretty shaggy but he likes it - whats a mom to do? Whats wrong with a good "missionary" haircut?

Treyton -
Treyton is wrestling also and it has been fun to see him a couple of extra times a week as he has been coming to practice with Barry. Its been good for him and Ammon to be able to work together. Treyton has also had long hair for a while now too but just recently got a haircut - man he looks good. The first time I saw him after he got it I had to look twice to know who he was! Treyton has some pretty serious cleaning skills when you can get him to put them to work and will work with you all day - just a hint to any of you out there who might need some help around the house.

Rachel -
Rachel turned 8 in September and was baptized in January. It was fun to see her all dressed in white and making decisions that will benefit her for eternity. She is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met. She has loved animals ever since she was a tiny little thing. Rachel is a great little reader and i am continually amazed at how fun it is to see your kids learn new things. Rachel had her four front teeth pulled a couple of years ago and it has taken a long time for them to come back in. She won't be toothless for long though because she only has one empty spot left.

Savannah -
Savannah will be turning 8 in May and can hardly wait to be baptized. I think she has mentioned it at least a dozen times everytime I've seen her for the past several months. She has been planning her birthday party for over a year so it might be interesting to see what happens with that. Savannah is a girly girl who loves clothes, shoes, and shopping - it will be fun when all three little girls are teenager together - can you even imagine?

Kerri -
Kerri is our last kindergartner ever! This year all our kids were officially in school. How crazy is that - our family is growing up. Kerri is a funny little thing and comes up with the most random questions and statements. Lately she has been a little monkey and always wants to be on the cupboard or swinging on doors. She is excited for summer to get here so she can get her bike out and ride again - she lost her training wheels last year and is anxious to see if she can still ride without them.

Barry and I -
Barry and I are still teaching primary together (5 year olds- Kerri's class). I enjoy teaching with him so very much! He is awesome with the kids and they all love him - I was writing that about our primary kids but realized the same is true with our family. I could not ask for a better father for our children. He loves them! He takes good care of our family and is always doing something to make my life easier. A few months ago he put shelves above the new washer and dryer - that has been awesome and just recently he added a big shelf in the bathroom - yeah more room for girl stuff! I have such an awesome husband- I love him so much.
Life is not without challenge of course - lately I have been wondering if we all really agreed to what we experience in this life. I am assured that we did and that because we understood what earth life was really all about we also knew it would all be worth it. Wouldn't you like to meet that person you were in the pre-exsistance? To see, really see, who you are and what you are capable of? I think that would be a super interesting experience. Things are pretty good though I have a good job - one that i enjoy - and a great boss who purchased tickets for his employees and their spouses for an Eagles concert in May. That should be tons of fun expecially since I have never actually been to a concert before. A few up on campus but i'm not sure those count!
Well lunch is over and I need to get back to work - I promise to get pics up soon - well sometime anyway - thanks for reading our blog and caring about our family - hope you all have a great day!

I forgot to mention that we have a dog! The kids and I have been working on Barry for years to get one and he finally gave in. She is a mini pinscher that we adopted from the humane society. Her name is Lizzy and we just love her. The kids are all great about helping and playing with her. They are trying to teach her tricks and fun stuff like that. Stetson thinks she might be part kangaroo because she can jump so high. She is pretty much kennel trained already and potty trained so the hard work was done for us and we just get to enjoy her. She is about 7 months old and the perfect fit for our family - Thanks Barry!


Lori Harris said...

Yea! An update!! Woot! Woot!

Glad to hear that everyone is busy and doing great.

The Eagles concert in May should be a lot of fun, what a great boss!

Dan & Brooke said...

Even though I see the kids, it was great to read there updates and smile. They all are great kids and blessed with great parents! Love you guys!

Collins Family said...

I want to see pictures!!!

We need to come and visit. I miss you!

Jessica said...

Hey YOU!!!
So I posted that we took at Dr. Hopkin's office and posted it on my blog. And Lori Harris left a comment saying you two were neighbors, and that you had a blog!! I had to get on here and see!
Email me at and I will send you an invite to my blog - it is private!
I was so excited to see YOU, your family is adorable!

Jessica said...

AND... I am pretty sure Dr. Hopkin's is THEEE best! Concert tickets? What a guy!!

Brandi said...

This is Brandi Park, one of your patients! Jessica is my Best Friend and told me about your blog. Hope you don't mind if I read it from time to time. The last few times I have been in the office you have been gone, but I think your just great! You have an adorable family.