Monday, August 30, 2010

Whoa two posts in less then 24 hours - I am on a roll!

This is a picture of several of the Holman Grandkids when we went to Utah (about a year ago) to see Bryan be given the role of Major in the Army - pretty cool and a pretty cute bunch of kids!

This is Stetson (I believe at State) taking down an opponent - yes he is the one in blue and no the other guy does not look comfortable!
Barry and Amy at the Graduation - Barry w/ Associates and Amy w/ Masters! Congrats you guys!
Barry and I at Graduation - it was so hot already - it was only like 10 am and already almost 100 degrees - Man i love Idaho in the summer. Congrats Barry I love you!

Well for some reason it won't let me load more then 5 pics to this post so there might be more to come but don't hold your breath!

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