Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Every year our office dresses up for Halloween. This year as you might guess from the above picture we were The Wizard of Oz. It's always fun to see patients reactions when they come in and fun to go on rounds up to the hospital with Dr. Hopkin. I am so blessed everyday to have a job that I love. I am aware that having a job at all these days indeed quite a blessing but to have one where you enjoy going to work everyday is pretty amazing.
I admit to being a neglectful mother this Halloween as I was unable to locate our camera and therefor have no pictures of the kids - this one was taken on Julie's (the lion) cell phone and then emailed to me - so sorry but no pics of the kids. Cassidy was a pirate, Hayden was Dorothy, Rachel and Kerri were both pixies - not to be confused with fairies which are bigger then pixies! We went to two Trunk or Treats which were both lots of fun. I for one love trunk or treats even though Barry feels that they have ruined Halloween - he remembers taking his pillow case all over town and filling it to the brim - going to the best houses twice or more and not coming home until he absolutely had to. I grew up in the country - next to the cememtary no less and we did not wander the neighborhood on a regular night let alone Halloween we would have loved a neighborhood trunk or treat in my day. Halloween is far from my favorite holiday but I love Thanksgiving and Christmas so I am excited for the holiday season. I am going to attempt to do some thankful blogs again this year even though I never made it through the alphabet last year.

Cassidy's surgery is scheduled for the 2nd of December and she will see the Eye Doctor on the 1st. We were hoping to get both surgeries out of the way at the same time but was told yesterday that the possibility of that is slim to none. Simply because of the amount of anesthesia she will have with the first surgery. I am still hoping that they will work something out so we don't have to drive down twice.
And yesterday marked the point where I could say that Ammon will be home next month!!!


Lori Harris said...

What a neat office to have everyone dress up!! That is cool.

Good luck with the upcoming surgery. I hope that everything goes well for your daugther.

Take care!

Soni said...

You look so cute in your costume! We were boring and didn't dress up-I vowed to do better next year.

I hope everything works out for Cassidy's surgery!