Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bringing Back the Kids

Of course Barry always wantd to run the camera but here are most of us getting ready for our hike.

Kerri playing at the top

Working our way - myself a little extra slow

Not sure what he was saying at this point but hey we made it!

We made it all the way to the top!!!

Ammon running around - he climbed up and down about 4 times while we were still hiking

Cassidy waiting for us - in typical teenager style she thought the whole thing was kind of dumb - but still humored us and hiked to the top too.

Girls waiting for us - after they walked and rand and climbed all over for quite a while

Kerri and Rachel following Ammon down the "hard way"

What a beautiful place - and worth the hike!
This July when we got the kids back from their Dad's house we made a trip down to Albuquerque to pick them up.  We stopped at an arch in Moab Utah that was about a half a mile from the road.  It was a nice break from driving and what made it even nicer was it had just stopped rainning there (we hadn't seen any rain however) and so it wasn't super dusty.  At first I thought we'd just send the kids up and Barry and I would watch them from the car but then I realized that I really wanted to make the hike myself.  I wasn't sure in the beginning if I could make it.  Some areas were quite steep.  For both Barry and I and incline or slope is still hard to walk up or down.  Barry showed me that if I walk backwards or sideways it is easier.  I'm sure we looked a little silly but it worked.  It was so fun to make it to the top.  The kids climbed up and down and all over while the waited for Barry and I to make it but in the end we did make it.  It felt like an accomplishment.  I'm glad i didn't just wait in the car.  We can do hard things!

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