Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Amazing Disneyland Trip

Ok so this was last Christmas but I'm not sure how many people got to see our pictures since they are on our computer. We loaded up all nine kids in the suburban and headed out around 7pm. We spent the next day and night in Las Vegas with some good friends of mine (Tony and Carmell). We toured the Vegas strip with Carmell and the kids (Tony had to work) we had 15 kids under the age of 13! We decided that Barry looked like a very fertile poligamist, and yes we got some very strange looks. After that we headed up to California for an amazing week touring theme parks. We bought the city pass which allows you to spend 3 days between Disneyland and California Adventure, (we did 2 days at Adventure and only 1 at Disneyland)and 1 day at Hollywood Studio's, 1 day at San Diego Zoo,1 day at Sea World. And we spent Christmas day on the beach. We got up early each moring and had breakfast from the dollar menu at Macdonald's (by the time we came home most of us would have been happy to never see Macdonald's again!). We tried to get to the parks close to open time, we brought lunch each day and would play in the park until we were all starving and meet out in the parking lot for lunch. We would then go back to the park and not leave until the park closed or at least until after dark and the little ones were begging to go back to the hotel. We would cook dinner at the hotel and usually have to wake up several kids to eat. Christmas Eve we were at Hollywood and it was super nice weather, we wore T-shirts all day. Christmas Day wasn't quite as nice and it was the only day we did not go to a park. We spent time at the beach and in the pool at the hotel and just being lazy. We also cooked a nice Christmas dinner and just enjoyed being together.

Some of you might be wondering how our road trip there and back went with 9 kids. First of all let me just say that we have been blessed with good travelers. Second of all we took audio CD's and listened to stories the whole time. We also took portable DVD players but only watched 1 movie! We put a story in and everyone would remind everyone else to be quiet so they didn't miss anything. A couple of times Stetson fell asleep and would then beg us to rewind the story so he wouldn't miss anything.

Highlights: Kerri spent most of her trip in the stroller but she was able to ride most of the rides. I discovered that I do like roller-coasters and fast rides but I have to take Dramamine in order to enjoy them. Justin and Stetson were able to go off by thierselves a few times with the walkie-talkie, I think they enjoyed that. Hayden, Treyton, and Ammon loved the rides and everything but were totally disappointed when they were to short for the rides. Savannah and Rachel enjoyed the girlie rides at Disneyland and got thier faces painted at Hollywood Studio's. Cassidy enjoyed being big enough for the scary rides and was even brave enough to go on most of them. All the kids loved Sea World and tried thier hardest to get wet by the Killer Whales. We enjoyed feeding the Sea Lions although when the seagulls stole Stetson's food and the sea lion fishes he wasn't very impressed. Barry loved all the big rides and was the least impressed with the ride I loved the most (Soaring over California). All in all it was a great trip and we think we will visit California again sometime. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

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Carmell said...

Cute pictures! We hope you do go back and stop at our house again (or just come to our house and skip california!). We loved getting to know more of the family! And I didn't even mind all the stares we got with our 15 kids hangin' out on the strip!