Thursday, October 15, 2009

Horse Riding With the Cutlers

One day this summer Drew and Lisa invited us to go horse riding with them up in Newdale. It has probably been 20 years since I have been on a horse. As always I am a big chicken and had to have alot of instruction. Drew and Barry both did a great job of assuring me that I would not die but I was still nervous - pretty sure the horse picked up on this. It was fun though and we super enjoyed it. I love this picture of Lisa in the barn listening to Drew explain to me how to stay on a horse. They have become some great friends to us and we have missed doing things with them the past few weeks while life has been crazy. Maybe we will get together again soon.


Lori Harris said...

Great job on riding a horse!! I'm secretly really scared of riding a horse too. I get nervous around horses. Looks like you had a great time!! Take care.

The Cutlers said...

Karin, I was just thinking tonight on my long drive home from Driggs that I miss you so much. It seems like we NEVER hang out anymore. we never have last minute family dinners together. We never chat it up for hours with our cars running. We haven't gone for ice cream or even watched TV together. I decided it was a direct connection to the fact that we have both been working NON stop. You with your job saving people's lives and me with my job of cleaning other people's crap up. However, my job ended today!!!! HOORAY!!! Now I am home. I can watch your sick babies and I can be over for an impromptu dinner whenever you will have me! :) P.S. That horse ride was awesome. We love you both!!!