Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gratitude Day 5

Can I just say how glad I am for a warm house? I think being cold might be my least favorite thing in the whole world. I just don't like the cold at all and this morning boy was it ever cold. -23 according to my car and my poor husband drove car that still has no heat - sorry my love! I am always cold when I first get into bed and last night was no exception - I am the one hogging the blankets and adding more blankets and huddling up to Barry to stay warm - he on the other hand would rather have a cool bed room and freezing feet. He is sweet enough to hold me till I go to sleep - our bed was toasty warm at 4:40 this morning when his alarm went off - the kids were happy to not go to school today and I am happy to know that my house will be nice and warm when I get home.

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