Saturday, April 9, 2011

Primary' Children's again

So Cassidy had her eye surgery yesterday. They called on Thursday and let us know that we didn't have to be to the hospital until 4:15 and the surgery was scheduled to start at 6pm. The plan was to be there for about 1-2 hours after then head back to Bryan and Romina's for a visit. It didn't quite turn out so simple. Apparently Cass has a difficult time keeping her oxygen levels up after anesthesia. She has a similar problem in December but we figured it was more from the chest tubes then the anesthesia - apparently not. Her O2 would drop down into the low 80's and high 70's - not great - every time she dropped off to sleep. So about 11:30 they told us that she would not be going home for the evening. We spent a pretty restless night but we were finally released at around 10:30 this morning and we are all here hanging out with Bryan and Romina. I sure love my Casssidy and sure hope that we are done with surgery for her for a while. Shes a tough one though and has been mostly patient with this whole process.


Lori Harris said...

Cassidy is one tough cookie. Best wishes to her and a speedy recovery.

Kat said...

Oh...I'm sorry to hear that she had surgery again! I hope that's the last of it too. Hang in there.