Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Weekend

Once again we had the amazing experience of meeting with Elder Scott during Bryce's mission reunion. This time was particularly special because we had the opportunity to help celebrate Elder Scott's 80th birthday with him. We have never taken the camera with us but decided we would this time. He is such a great guy. He takes the time to meet with each and every person at the meeting. Even though it is obvious that he is tired from having been in meetings all day and from traveling, he never acts like it. He smiles and greets and visits with all of us. In the Book of Mormon when Christ visits the Americas it talks about him taking the time to visit with each person who is at the temple that day. This is what the great Apostle of Christ reminded me of. I think this is the 5th time that Barry and I have had this opportunity, it has been a tradition for us since we started dating, and I hope we get to go as many times as possible. It truly is a testitmony stregthening experience to be in the presence of this great man. He gave us a little preview of what he would be speaking about in the priesthood session of conference and I can't wait for the Ensign to come out so I can read what he had to say. The things he said to us at this meeting made me want to be a better person, a better wife to my husband, and more worthy of the love that my sweet spouse offers me every day. I know that Elder Scott truly is an special witness of our Savior and that he testifies truthfulness. I love this gospel and all that it offers our families. What an amazing gift it is in all of our lives.
Elder Scott and his wife.

Barry and the boys and I with Elder Scott.
Elder Scott has a special place in his heart for Romina- and it's not just because of the 465 empanadas that she made for this birthday celebration!

Brian, Romina, Elder Scott, Justin, Stetson, Me, Barry.


Carmell said...

That is so cool! I love Elder Scott but have never met him (I am jealous!). We loved Conference too, it was so good!

Melissa and John said...

Hi Karin. I just happened upon your blog from Brooke. I just wanted to ask you if you have taken your boards and how it went. Do you have a job yet?