Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Good Ol'Southern Pig Pick'in!

So this weekend we celebrated the marriage of my brother Charlie and his new life with his sweet wife Lisa. They were married about a month ago and we all gathered this weekend to show them our support and love. My little brother Jason was in charge of the pig. Keep in mind that my family is from the amazing southern state of North Carolina and when we say we're cook'n a pig we aren't kidding. The Brown's love the fat and skin and all that greasy goodness despite the odd looks of new comers. For dinner we had BBQ'd pig (of course), hush puppies (deep fried corn bread), cole slaw, and pork and beans along with all sorts of sugary sweet things for dessert. We all had a great time visiting and eating and just enjoying each others company.
This is my mom slaving away over a hot dutch oven of oil frying up hush puppies. See that red bowl of mixture? Well each hush puppy is about a tablespoon or so of batter and she made two of those full. There were only about 10 left over! They really are that good.
This is Jason supervising the pig. He built this cooker himself and hauls it all over cooking for people. He is quite awesome at it and has become skilled at southern BBQ sauce. This is different then the regular sauce you can buy at the store. It is mostly vinegar and can be very spicy. The boys all like to drown their pig in it but I prefer just a little. My personal favorite is a well cooked piece of skin with a good layer of crispy fat on the back of it; Good stuff!
Dancing with Barry was one of the best parts of the evening. As you might imagine we don't get out real often for time with just the two of us and this was especially sweet for me. He really is a wonderful husband.
Charlie spent some time twirling Cameron around the dance floor. I think most of the parents spent more time dancing with their children then they did with their spouse but it was still good times just being together. In case you are wondering that is indeed the head of a pig being BBQ'd!

This is Charlie and Lisa dancing the night away in their garage. They are so cute together!
I was trying to dance with my own husband but kept getting interrupted by my jealous little Kerri so I spent a few songs swaying with her so she would consent to letting Barry have "his turn".

This is my dad keeping an eye on all that was going on and of course giving us all a bit of advice. Where would we be without wonderful parents?
I have such a great family! All of us were there this time except Jim and Brenda who live in Arkansas. We missed you guys! We don't get together as much as we should, I guess we are all just busy but it is great when we do take the time to gather as a family and just hang out. Love you guys!

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happyathebervalley said...

great day, great company, great food, great freinds, more than enough love to go around. from the ones who started it all.