Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lots to be Thankful for...

So sometimes when I am checking out a fellow bloggers blog I am somewhat nosy and I check out the people they have linked also, in doing that this week I have noticed several people blogging about being thankful. Since this is the month in which we celebrate our thanks I thought I would copy those other bloggers and do this myself. The pattern has been to mention something for each letter of the alphabet so I will do the same. I will do this in a series of blogs throughout the month. Here goes -

A - I am thankful for Ammon (my son) and Angels - First Ammon, he is nine years old and I can hardly believe how grown up he is getting. It seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little bundle of sweetness and now he is almost too big for me to lift. I love him very much and am quite honored to be his mother. He was named after one of my favorite Book of Mormon heros and I hope he becomes as a great a man as this hero of mine. Next Angels, this has been mentioned in a couple of other posts, but I too have felt the precence of angels throughout my life and particularly in some difficult moments. I know we are watched over and cared for by those on the other side of the veil and for this I am grateful.

B - I am thankful for Barry and Books - I am thankful for my wonderful sweet husband Barry. There are so many things I could say about this amazing man. So many of the songs on our blog remind me of him. Everyday and The Broken Road both by Rascal Flatts are two of them. Listen to the words to these songs if you get a chance they are perfect for how I feel about him. He makes my life a little better each and every day, my favorite place to be is in his arms. I don't know what I would do without him, Thanks for everything my love! I also have a great love of reading. I love lots of different types of books. Of course The Book of Mormon is right up there, this year I am also trying to read the Bible for the first time by myself. I have to admit I love the sappy romance stuff and some mystery. I love Harry Potter, and more recently the Twilight series. I loved the Work and the Glory and have read all of The Great and Terrible series except the last one. I can read for hours and not get tired of it, but I must admit I am not sad to be done with textbooks!

C - I am thankful for Cassidy and Children - Cassidy of course is my first born and our oldest daughter. I have always wanted to be a mother and Cassidy was the initial fulfillment of those dreams. She is almost 11 years old and can't wait to be a teenager. I hope to be her best friend and confidant. Shis is beautiful and I am proud to be her mom. I also have a great love for all children. I love my calling in the nursery and enjoy working with the children who come into the doctors office. I have always wanted a big family with lots of children and I have been blessed to have that dream come true. I love each and every one of the children in our family and feel it a priviledge and a pleasure to be considered thier mom. I love you guys!

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