Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Letters

I started this post a while ago and just got back to add the pictures. For some reason it is not letting me move them around, so you'll have to guess which one goes to which letter. I didn't even come close to finishing the alphabet during November but decided that I would keep going until I got to the end even if it takes me a few months, after all I should be thankful all year and not just during November right??? Anyway here it is -

Justin and Jeans
With the letter J comes our son Justin. Justin recently turned 13 and it seems he is rather pleased with being a teenager. He is obviously a good-looking kid and a darn fine wrestler too. He has curls that most girls would pay top dollar for, a sweet smile, and a good personality to boot. Justin is fun to be around and can always make me laugh, he reminds me of his father! I am truly grateful that he has become my son. I am also glad to live in a day when it is acceptable for a woman to where something besides a dress. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy wearing a dress from time to time and it is mighty nice to get all dolled up now and again and feel like a lady, but by far and wide I love wearing a good old pair of jeans. Of course I am quite content to let Barry wear the pants in the family!

K -
Kerri and Kittens
Our littlest child is my sweet little Kerri. I may be slightly biased but I happen to think she is pretty darn cute. Kerri is 4 1/2 years old and has recently started preschool. Kerri is quick with a smile and always has a hug, she loves her brothers and sisters and always tells me she misses me when I have been gone for an hour or so. I am glad that I am her mother. These days we are grateful for kittens. It only took us a year or so to convince Barry that the kids needed a pet. We got our little Missy during spud harvest and she has been growing like a weed ever since. She is fun to hold and play with, she especially likes to play with the lazer light.

L -
Love, Life, and Laughter
What would life be without love and laughter and of course with out life we wouldn't even be here so I am letter L gets at least three things. I have learned that sometimes in life we have to laugh or cry and laughing often feels better. It sounds silly but I love, love. I love to be loved and I love showing love for others. It is truly wonderful to wake up in the night and know that the person you love is lying right there beside you. It still amazes me that this man loves me as much as I love him. Life is Good!

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