Thursday, April 23, 2009

Careful What You Say

When Barry and I were dating I made the mistake of telling him that I would be willing to "try new things". This statement has been used agaisnt me ever since. I will admit that I have had a lot of fun due to my husband throwing it in my face on a regular basis but (and this is a big but!) I have been scared to death more in the last 2 years then in my whole life! Because of this statement I have climbed a rock wall, ridden a street bike (with Barry), snowboarded, rollerbladed, riden a dirt bike (on my own) (ok so it was just down our road and I only got it into 2nd gear but still), swung off (or more like fell off) a rope swing, and many other things. The thing is I don't think my husband has any idea how hard it is for me to do these things. Once when we were snowboarding and he was trying to teach me something new (that I was scared for my life to try) he told me that I just needed "to get out of my comfort zone a little". I laughed because at that moment I realized that he had no idea how far out of my comfort I was to even have that crazy board strapped to my feet let alone allow him to haul me to the top of a mountain on a ski lift and drag me off. I had long ago surpassed my comfort zone when I got out of the car! Now if only I could get Barry to say something stupid like this!


Anonymous said...

Karin!!! Holy cow I am so happy you found my blog! I love looking at yours, your kids are all so adorable. Looks like all is going well for you guys. About my house, it's in rigby just off county line road. i have pictures but can't post them because i can't find my cord thing that i use to get the pictures from my camera to my computer. did i mention i hate moving? anyway, i will get them posted as soon as i can unpack my sanity!!

The Cutlers said...

That is awesome you are trying new things... it is good for you!!! I am jealous you have roller blades. I want them!!