Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend or In Other Words Our Weekend In SLC

I love it when we get to listen to, meet with, and mingle with Elder Scott. He is such a wonderful person. He always finds some way to make you feel good about who you are. I'm certain that as a true apostle of the Lord he can look into your soul. What a great experience to stand at his side.

Bryan and Romina always get involved with the meeting. Romina makes the most delicious empanadas. Everyone loves them, this time someone else made some too and I don't even hesitate to say that Ro's were much much better. Baby Sammy also got to meet Elder Scott for the first time. Isn't she cute?!!

Little Addy also got to meet Elder Scott this conference weekend. It was fun to see her smile and flirt with others while we waited to meet and greet Elder Scott. What a cute family.

Stetson has come to the meeting with us about 4 times now. I think this is Justin's 2nd time and Cassidy was able to come for the 1st time this trip. She was excited to meet him and she truly enjoyed the meet and greet afterwards, especially the snacks!

This is the "Conference Bingo" game that Barry printed off for the kids. It was supposed to be used during conference but we improvised and created a game for the kids to entertain them while the men were off to the priesthood session. They had to answer a question in order to put a skittle on the card. If the got a "missionary" (bingo!) they were allowed to choose one of Brooke's special treats. Even with the questions you can see that they had a great time.

This is what the girls did all weekend, play dress up! They were pretending to be ballerina's. One good thing about cousins is no matter how long it is between visits, you can just start back up where you left off. Lookin' good Girls!

As opposed to ballerina's however our boys were our resident super heros. Not to worry they performed operation "save the baby" and played with the little ones too. Aren't our boys awesome!

All our amazing, handsome, men ready for preisthood, minus Todd as he met them there instead of going almost 2 hours early. We love you guys!

Barry of course was prepared for not only the 2 hour priesthood session but also for the hour and a half wait before hand. I love you Babe!!!

Sherry provided the eggs, and Brooke and Barry hid the eggs for our suprise Sunday before Easter, Egg Hunt- Here are all the kids waiting very paitently to come out of the house to look for eggs.

After finally getting out of the front door, they all had to line up and look for eggs according to age. Once again they are patiently waiting!

Hayden and his eggs!

Barry, Addy, and her egg! Happy First Easter Egg Hunt Addy!

Kerri found her two too!

Everyone found their alottment of 2 eggs each - afterall it wasn't Easter quite yet! It was fun to watch them get so excited about something so small.

On the way home Barry and the girls and I stopped to visit Lewis and Sheila. It was fun to visit even if we only had a little while. We'll have to go back again. We love you!

Ok so this is a crazy long Blog but it was a crazy fun weekend. Spritually lifting, relaxing, enjoyment of great company, great food, and a safe ride! As always Bryan and Romina made room for us in thier home and Todd and Suzy hosted their 2nd bi-annual conference breakfast. Next time we'll have to remember the camera for that event also. I think Brooke and Sherry got some pics though so don't forget to check their blog for breakfast pics. Thanks to everyone who helped car pool our family since we only had our car, you guys are awesome and I love you!!!


Dan & Brooke said...

I just sat down to blog about our weekend to...needless to say we are going to have almost the exact same one :) But I am going to sneak a couple of pictures from your blog because I didn't get a couple of those...It was a great weekend, I definitely will agree!

The Cutlers said...

I love the pictures and I love that you have a blog. I like blogging more than facebook myself. it was so fun to have your cute kids over and if I didn't have a church calling that needed attention I wouldn't have been so rude to get off the phone. I feel really bad. But I want to hang out again!!!!!

Carmell said...

Looks like fun! How neat to be able to spend time with Elder Scott. I've always loved him!